Royal Phuket Marina

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Marinas in Thailand

For boat lovers on the paradise island of Phuket, the Royal Phuket Marina offers a one-stop answer to all your boating needs. Royal Phuket Marina offers not only convenient and safe berthing facilities but also repairs, maintenance and more to keep your boat in peak condition and ready to sail. With a depth of 3-4 meters at low tide, Royal Phuket Marina can also handle some of the larger yachts that might find appropriate docking facilities more difficult to find across marinas in Thailand.

In addition to its capabilities to handle larger boats, Royal Phuket Marina is very conveniently located, with many of the area’s most famous islands such as Phi Phi or James Bond island only kilometers away. The marina’s staff are top notch too, standing ready to help captains and crew make sure all the necessary paperwork is taken care of, including applying for a Thai Skipper’s License if necessary. 

Thai and European Cuisine

Besides the features and services for boating, once you disembark at Royal Phuket Marina offers an incredible environment to rest, relax and take in the natural beauty of the island of Phuket. There are several high-end developments that are attached to or very close by to the marina which means there is a real sense of community, as the same people are in and around the marina all the time.

For visitors, there is also opulent shopping and dining available, including Thai and European cuisine and of course fresh seafood. Thanks to its natural beauty, the marina is also a much sought after spot for weddings or conferences and exhibitions.

The main draw of the Royal Phuket Marina is its top notch boating facilities and expert advice, but even on dry land there is plenty to see and do. Royal Phuket Marina is definitely one of the island’s best options for boating enthusiasts.


Royal Phuket Marina
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