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Spas in Thailand

Few countries can boast a spa tradition as rich and storied as Thailand. Like many spas in Thailand, Sukko Spa in Phuket calls on the ancient wisdom of traditional Thai practices to perform innovative yet timeless treatments that keep guests looking and feeling their very best.

Advertising itself as a “cultural spa”, Sukko Spa in Phuket is one of the very best in the entire country. Located in the southern part of the island and about 10km from Phuket Town and convenient to many of the most popular beaches, Sukko Spa is the premier destination for those seeking a relaxing and revitalizing spa experience while in Phuket.

Sukko Spa in Phuket offers a wide variety of treatments and packages, ranging from relatively brief massages designed to remove the stress of travel and jet lag to full-day 8-hour experiences that let one feel all the benefits of a full day at the spa. 

Phuket Spa

Before each treatment, the spa’s staff will take into consideration the customer’s body and skin type and their personal preferences, catering each treatment to their desires. This Phuket spa accepts walk-ins if it can but it is generally advisable to make arrangements before going, either online or over the phone. 

In addition to its traditional spa activities, Sukko Spa in Phuket also offers yoga classes and a variety of other cultural activities, including a massage class, a cooking class and more. There are even courses on how to carve fruits and vegetables into stunning creations and the traditional Thai art of Yantra tattooing. With so many options, Sukko Spa is sure to have something that will interest any traveler.


Sukko Spa in Phuket
Phone: +66 76 263 222