Elephant Trekking in Phuket

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Thailand Elephants 

Almost every visitor to Thailand is excited to go elephant trekking in Phuket. It is always one of the first things that comes to mind when one talks about a vacation in the Land of Smiles, and for good reason. Thailand elephants (or “chang” in Thai) hold a special place in Thailand. These animals are indigenous to the region, and for generations have been used in logging, warfare and for ceremonial purposes. Elephant trekking in Phuket is a very rewarding experience.

Today, much of the traditional utility of the elephant has faded with the decline of logging and the advent of new technology. Instead of abandoning these gentle and intelligent creatures, new uses have been found for them, mostly tourism related.

Elephants are incredibly intelligent animals and in general require fairly little training to get them to the level they need to be. Of course, any animal that is being used for trekking is completely safe. Guests should not worry at all about the elephant bucking them off or anything like that.

Elephant Trekking in Thailand

When elephant trekking in Thailand, the elephant and two other passengers will be led by a mahout, or trainer. Mahouts have a special bond with their elephant, usually working with it and training it every day from when it is a baby. This allows mahouts to have complete trust and control over the elephant.

A typical elephant trekking experience can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, although most will fall somewhere in between. Guests will get a chance to see some untouched countryside and get a greater appreciation for the surefootedness these large animals have, travelling up or down quite steep inclines or difficult terrain.

Although guests will usually sit on a special carriage mounted on the elephant’s back, oftentimes riders will get a chance to slide down and sit on the elephant’s neck, just as the mahouts do. There are plenty of opportunities for photos. Elephant trekking in Phuket is one experience sure to create lasting memories even without a snapshot.