Sirinat National Park Phuket

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  • Sirinat National Park Phuket - a true paradise
  • Sirinat National Park Phuket is located at the north west shore of Andaman sea
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National Parks in Phuket

In a nation so famous for its natural beauty, it comes as little surprise that Thailand features some truly gorgeous parks and protected areas. In Phuket, Sirinat National Park stands out as one of the very best parks and is truly a magnificent display of the island’s incredible natural beauty. Phuket Sirinat National Park is actually one of the country’s smallest national parks in terms of pure size, but its small size does nothing to diminish the experience. National Parks in Phuket might not be that many on the ground, but this is the best one, bar none.

The park is located in what could be incredibly valuable real estate, but thankfully this beautiful land will remain protected for years to come. Starting at the island’s northern tip and winding its way down the coast, Sirinat National Park shows what Phuket would look like had it remained totally undisturbed. Instead of high-rise hotels and fancy restaurants, at Sirinat National Park one will find only peaceful beauty, white sands and stunning blue water.

Phuket Conservation 

Because of its natural state, Phuket Sirinat National Park is a bit light on activities, except for simply relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty. Perhaps the most popular activity for visitors to the park is to take advantage of the area’s coral reefs, which provide homes to innumerous varieties of fish and cater to some truly incredible snorkeling and diving.

Admission to the park is 200 baht for foreigners.

Sirinat National Park
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