Bangpae Waterfall in Phuket

  • Educate yourself about the nature of Phuket at Bangpae Waterfall
  • Bangpae Waterfall is not only for its natural beauty a great place
  • Phuket Bangpae Waterfall welcomes you
  • Bangpae Waterfall is a great place for a family pick-nick during a beach vacation in Phuket
  • Not only the beaches in Phuket are great but as well the natural beauty such as the Bangpae Waterfall

Waterfalls in Phuket

Across Thailand, waterfalls are favorite destinations of both locals and tourists alike. There are so many falls just filled with natural beauty with a calming and relaxing nature that make them the ideal spot to just sit and relax. Those who are more adventurous might find it fun to hike to the top.

Bangpae Waterfall in the north of Phuket is without a doubt the island’s most famous waterfall. Every single day you will find people having a picnic, swimming in the water, hiking nearby trails or just enjoying the natural beauty. Although it is quite popular and therefore busy, it very rarely feels crowded. Visitors can always find a small secluded area for themselves if they don’t want to be part of a large crowd.

The best time to visit Bangpae Waterfall is during rainy season, when the island’s rivers fill up and the water really gushes off the 10-meter tall rocks. During the dry season, from about December until May, the waterfall is still worth seeing and swimmers will still find plenty of water. 

Gibbon Rehabilitation Center

An interesting attraction that is also at the waterfall is the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center, where the famous gibbons are kept and cared for. Guests cannot come too close but they are still cool to see. Gibbons are quite incredible creatures, with extremely long arms which they use to swing from branch to branch, flying through the tree tops. They hardly ever even touch the ground, living almost their whole lives in the canopy.

A visit to the Bangpae Waterfall can lastly be rounded off with some great food and drink stalls that are about 10 minutes’ walk away. For a chance to see some of the natural beauty of Phuket’s interior, Bangpae Waterfall is one of the best spots on the island.