Phuket Zoo

  • Spectacular crocodile show at Phuket Zoo
  • Elephant show at Phuket Zoo
  • Phuket Zoo is a great family attraction
  • Phuket Zoo offers some fun entertainment for the whole famlily
  • Asian tiger at Phuket Zoo
  • Phuket Zoo is a great place for the whole family

Zoos in Thailand

All over the world, zoos have been favorites of the young and old for centuries. Even in ancient times, people would come from far and wide to see exotic animals and get up close and personal with them. Today, the treatment of animals has improved considerably, but those wanting to see their favorite animals up close will find Phuket Zoo a fantastic place to spend a day.

The zoo is open every day from 8:30 in the morning until 6pm, meaning early risers will be able to take full advantage of everything the zoo has to offer. In addition to its vast collection of animals, Phuket Zoo also has some beautiful tropical gardens to explore, perfect for walking around in and just enjoying the shade. It also represents an opportunity to see some exotic flora up close, as many of the plants in the garden can only grow in tropical environments.

Chalong Big Buddha

In addition to the gardens, the zoo has lots of different options for those who are feeling hungry or thirsty. The zoo’s many stalls offer a collection of Thai and foreign favorites, along with vendors selling cold drinks and delicious ice cream. The location of Phuket Zoo is not too far away from the Chalong Big Buddha.

The zoo puts on a number of shows every day, which offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see these animals interact with their trainers and demonstrate their skills and intelligence. Monkeys, elephants and crocodiles all have their own shows, and watching all 3 will give guests a full appreciation of these animals.

The crocodiles, for example, cannot really be tamed in the manner that the monkeys or elephants can. That show can be quite thrilling, as compared to the monkey show, whose remarkable intelligence makes their show more impressive but also more predictable. With quite affordable entrance fees, Phuket Zoo is a fantastic day out.


Phuket Zoo
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