Phuket Cashew Nut Factory

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Unique Phuket Attractions

Phuket is well-known as a producer of delicious cashew nuts, and anyone who enjoys eating them might very much enjoy a tour of the Phuket Cashew Nut Factory. This is definately one of the most unique Phuket attractions. Although one might not think so, the process of taking cashews from raw to ready-to-eat is quite a production, with a great many steps involved. At the factory, guests will learn how cashews are made and things like how to tell the difference between high quality and low quality cashews.

Unlike in many places where they are today consumed, cashews are in fact a native plant to Phuket, and thus they have not only a long history but also a great many uses that may seem unconventional and were discovered only through years of experimentation. For example, cashew juice (something most probably have never realized even exists!) is thought to have specific medicinal properties. At the factory tour, guests will get a chance to sip this unusual drink.

The tour will also walk guests through the painstaking process of preparing cashew nuts, including extracting them from the shell, baking them to a specific temperature and them roasting them just right, unlocking all the flavors but without overpowering or burning it. It is a fine balance but one that has been mastered to produce perfect nuts every time.

It is probably impossible to complete the tour without having a strong hankering for some cashews, so thankfully a well-stocked gift shop is available at the end, filled with an enormous variety of cashews of all kinds of flavors. Some are the normal flavors that can nowadays be found in any shop but others are quite unique and exotic.

The factory and shop is open from 8:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening every day, so there is plenty of time to fit it in your schedule. This is one stop anyone who loves nuts should not miss.