Phuket Racing Kart at Chalong

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  • Phuket Racing Kart at Chalong welcomes all racing fans for speedy rounds
  • The Phuket Racing Kart circuit is at Chalong

Phuket Adventure Activities

Phuket Racing Kart at Chalong offers some of the region’s very best facilities for go kart racing and Phuket adventure activities. Although dodging tuk-tuks and crazy drivers on the streets might feel like an adrenaline rush on its own, to really get the blood pumping, a spin around the track at Phuket Racing Kart at Chalong truly has no equal.

The course is high quality and immaculately maintained at all times, allowing for the safest experience possible. Similarly, all of the karts are fully up to standard and regularly checked by the professional staff.

Although it is extremely fun, go karting simply by its nature is not a low-cost activity. Phuket Racing Kart at Chalong is priced similarly to its rivals on the island and elsewhere in Thailand, with 10 minutes of racing starting at 900 baht per person. For those wanting to use a 2-seat kart, the price goes up to 1200 baht.

Extreme Sports in Phuket

This is definitely an experience in which more participants make it more fun. Those coming with a large group will find it rather expensive but a true blast and one of the best extreme sports in Phuket. With the karts capable of high speeds and a course full of tight turns, racing at Phuket Racing Kart is a memorable experience and a great place to go for a break from the beach. The track itself is 700 meters long, making it one of the longer tracks in the area.

It is worth noting that the complex which houses Phuket Racing Kart in Chalong also hosts a number of other activities, including a monkey school, elephant trekking and more. In fact, it even hosts a shooting range, allowing visitors to finish their race by firing some high-powered weaponry; talk about a day full of adrenaline! The place is open from 9am in the morning until 6pm every day, rain or shine, so there is no excuse to miss out.