Chalong Bay and Pier

  • Head by local transport to Chalong Bay and Pier  in Phuket for a unforgettable day tour
  • From Chalong Bay and Pier in Phuket depart the boats to the small islands around Phuket
  • Enjoy the sight of the many boats anchored at Chalong Bay and Pier Phuket
  • Chalong Bay and Pier is famous for day trips to the surrounding islands of Phuket

Chalong Bay

Chalong Pier is Phuket Island’s main boat anchorage, set on the largest bay some 10km south of Phuket Town. It’s the main hub for visitors arriving by sea from the Thai mainland as well as for boat trips to all the islands in the archipelago. The port area is picturesque, crammed with local fishing boats as well as the larger ferries and tourist boats, but it’s not a good place to swim.

The edges of the port area are home to most of the island’s scuba-diving, snorkelling, yacht charter and speedboat charter companies. It’s a good place to arrange boat tours and trips before you continue to your destination. Backing the port are lines of eateries serving Thai dishes, beers and soft drinks, with a few venturing into international cuisine such as Indian and Italian.

Once you’ve arrived, transportation from Chalong Pier to your destination is by tuk-tuk or taxi, with plenty of choice due to the high number of visitors arriving for a break in the tropical sun. If you’re dreaming of sailing around the islands and are looking to hire a yacht with crew, a quick drink in the portside Ao Chalong Yacht Club can bring recommendations.