Frequently Asked Questions to Help you Understand us Better!

Q: How large are the swimming pools in your villa?

A. We don’t list the exact sizes of the pools, although we do mention if they are small, medium or large. If you really need to know, we can ask the villa owner for exact sizes.

Q: Is this property old?

A: Most of the villas in our collection are only 2-3 years old and with our daily cleaning and maintenance services, our villas are in top condition no matter how old.

Q: Do you have a villa plan?

A: We do not have villa plans for any of our properties, although on our website you will find pictures and videos that give you a good idea of the villa layout.

Q: Do you have bathtubs in the bathrooms?

A: There are bathtubs in some of the properties, but you will have to check the webpage of your chosen villa to see if it has a bathtub.

Q: Do the villas have security boxes?

A: The vast majority of our villas have safe deposit box facilities, but please do check the description of your desired villa for confirmation.

Q: Can we bring our pets along to the villa?

A: Pets are prohibited in all our properties. If found, clients will be charged THB 10,000.00 for the cleaning fee.

Q: Does every property have car parking?

A: Not every villa has a parking space.

Q: What is the distance to the beach?

A: You are able to see the distance to the beach it in the description of each villa on our website.

Q: Do you provide free maid service?

A: We do not provide this service for free. Daily maid service is included in the rates (for almost all our properties).

Q: Can we pay a security deposit by credit card?

A: Security Deposit is required to be paid only in cash on arrival. It can be in any currency (amount has to be equal to THB), and it will be returned on the departure date.

Accommodation questions

Q: How far is my property from the City and other nearby attractions?

A: Our reservation team are able to estimate the distance in the Pattaya area, but if you’re looking in another location, normally we will check with our local manager or you can use a map on the website page of the Villa for reference!

Q: Can we book for extra persons in the property?

A: Not every property allows for extra persons, but if they do allow, it will be charged accordingly to the owners’ rates.

Q: Can we have a Private party in the villa?

A: Almost all of the villas are located in a private village, so a small party between 8-10 PM should be okay, but after 10 PM could cause a conflict between neighbors. If you want to conduct noisy parties we recommend that you rent an isolated villa without neighbors.

Q: Is it easy for us to find a taxi service?

A: Our customer care team and/or villa managers are able to assist guests with this service.

Q: How often is the swimming pool cleaned?

A: Once a week. But almost of all of our properties have a settled whirlpool system.

Q: How to get to the villa?

A: For directions, we are provide you a GPS code that can used via a smartphone to find the villa, and can also be used on Google maps applications for directions to the properties (you will receive the GPS co-ordinates in the booking form or confirmation email).

Q: Check-in and check-out time:

A: Check-in 1:00 PM onwards, check-out 11:00 AM.

Q: Do you offer early check-in and late check-out?

A: We are not the same as a hotel chain that has many units for each type of room, so for this reason, it depends on the accessibility of each villa.

Q: Can I have a personal chef and massage in my Villa?

A: You can have anything that you wish. Our customer care team can arrange this all for you so you can relax and enjoy your time with us.

General Questions

Q: Do people speak English in Thailand?

A: In all the major tourist areas yes, however traveling to the outer Villages, very few people speak English, although this is changing as English is taught at most schools.

Q: What about exchanging our currencies?

A: We recommend you change your currency in Thailand as at this time you will achieve far higher rates, unlike many countries you will find that wherever you change your money you will get the same deal. If you wish to change larger amounts, then talk to us as we can refer you to a private bank where exchange rates are slightly higher than the traditional banks.

Q: Do I need to bring my own sporting equipment?

A: Most Golfers bring their own equipment, however for golfing and water-sports you will find equipment available for hire.

Q: Is Thailand a good place to bring kids?

A: There are many activities available for children both land and water based, so please see the activities page on our website. Although there are ten-pin bowling alleys and cinemas, after 7pm the options for kids are limited, but we do offer a baby-sitting service.

Q: Are there any special festivals or events I should consider?

A: There are a number of events throughout Thailand during the year. The major annual event for tourists is the Songkran water festival, held in April. Please see our website for details. New Year is also a great time to visit Thailand to experience that ultimate party-like atmosphere.

Q: What credit cards can I use?

A: Visa and MasterCard are widely used at major hotels and some restaurants. AMEX is not accepted everywhere. Small hotels, restaurants and many shops do not accept credit cards so be prepared. Use your credit/debit card to obtain cash from ATMs (limited 20,000 baht a day). This is the cheapest way to obtain Thai Baht. ATMs are located in the main tourist areas, department stores, and outside banks and shops. You can also withdraw cash on your credit cards from local exchange tellers but need to show your passport.

Q: Are travelers checks accepted in Thailand?

A: Yes. Foreign denomination checks are easily exchanged for cash. However it is not the cheapest way to buy Thai Baht. Foreign exchange counters are located in all major tourist areas and are never far away. Remember always take your passport.

Q: Can I rent diving equipment?

A: All diving centers rent diving equipment!

Q: Do I really need insurance?

A: It is very wise to have insurance, as private medical bills can be expensive as can be a lost video camera!

Q: Can I use my GSM in Thailand?

A: Yes, you certainly can. Thailand has several modern and reliable 1800 networks. Consult your GSM provider at home about the roaming prices for calls within Thailand. Also we provide an additional free service – a phone with local sim card, full of useful contacts.