Attractions locations in Thailand

Thrills and Spills @ ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventures

The best part about visiting ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventures is even if it’s raining, you can still have fun… more fun in fact! Take advantage of the muddy trails that creates a boggy swamp which is the most fun on an ATV

Water Park Cartoon Network Amazone in Pattaya

Enjoy the giant slides that you will have never ever seen before anywhere in Thailand. The first and only world-class water park with the world famous cartoon character theme, that every kid should not miss out on. It's only few minutes drive from Pattaya.

Royal Flora Ratchapruek Garden Chiang Mai

The Ratchapruek Garden is in wonderful open countryside 10km outside of Chiang Mai city centre. This Royal Agricultural Research Centre offers beautiful flower, plant, architectural and art displays.

Valentine Stone and Sivatara Waterfall in Koh Samui

You don’t have to be a total romantic, or wait until February 14th to visit the Valentine Stone on the beautiful island of Koh Samui because the park it sits in is open year round!

7 Most Delicious Tropical Fruits You Have Never Tasted

Imagine your tropical paradise. There’s fruit there, right? Whether it’s a fresh coconut juice, bananas straight from the tree, or a pina colada, exotic (and pungently sweet) fruits are one of the natural pleasures. But how many of these other fruits have tasted?

Zazada Beach Club

Cool tunes, hot DJ’s, delicious dishes and drinks galore. Throw in a wonderful indoor area and a beachfront setting which has relaxation written all over it, and you have The Zazada Beach Club.

4 Blockbusters you never knew were filmed in Thailand

4 Blockbusters you never knew were filmed in Thailand *and 4 you thought were, but weren’t. Thailand is one of the powerhouse movie makers in Southeast Asia, and it "stands in" for a surprising number of other locations. Number 4 will really shock you.

Phuket Chinese Temple

The oldest and most famous of the Chinese Temples in Phuket is Pud Jor Temple (aka Put Jaw Temple) and Jui Tui Shrine in Phuket Town. You can admire the intricate carvings, soak in the peaceful atmosphere, and even have your fortune told.

Prestige Car Rental Bangkok in Pattaya

Complete your perfect Pattaya holiday by hiring a prestige car that will have heads turning and you cruising in ultimate style. Whether you choose a Porsche, BMW, or Lamborghini, you can be assured of the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Executive Golf Tours in Pattaya

Are you looking for that ultimate golf holiday experience, where the planning has been done for you and you can spend one glorious week just working on your handicap and hanging out with your mates? Executive Golf Tours has partnered with Thailand Holiday Homes to make your dreams a reality.