Entertainment locations in Thailand

Chor Nateethong Muay Thai Pattaya

If you are interested in getting an insight into Muay Thai Boxing in Pattaya, the Chor Nateethong Thai Boxing Club in Pattaya is the place to go. Learn the county's oldest martial art in the hands of experts.

Burapa Bike Show Pattaya

The Burapa Bike Show is something of an institution in the Pattaya region. Bikes of all sizes, colors and types parade around the venue showing off. There are also live rock shows during the night, and you can even camp over if you like.

Chonburi Buffalo Races

The Chonburi Buffalo Race is an interesting event, and it's exactly how it sounds. Buffalo are an intricate part of rural Thai life and this festival at Chonburi is an ode to this helpful beast.

Bang Saen Aquarium Chonburi

Bang Sean is a very laid back coastal area approximately an hour drive from Pattaya. It has a nice yet busy beach where there is always something going on and a great Aquarium that is much better than Pattaya Underwater World, and much less expensive!

Pattaya Water Park

Make a splash at Pattaya Water Park! You know you want to... and the kids most definitely do. For a day's clean and friendly family fun, Pattaya Water Park is a great choice.